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2017 - AHCII was a Golden Sponsor of the European Arabian Horse Festival

AHCII chairman, Łukasz Łuniewski - Lucas Luniewski as a Golden Sponsor of the European Arabian Horse Festival handed over prizes to the winners in few classes. Since 2014, through all editions AHCII Institute has bee the Golden Sponsor and a strategic partner of the Festival.

2017 - AHCII sponsored the race during HH Sheikh Mansoor Al Nahyan Festival

AHCII chairman, Łukasz Łuniewski - Lucas Luniewski

FAREWELL TO PIANISSIMA - piano means quiet…

2016 - AHCII was a Golden Sponsor of the AKEAHF European Arabian Horse Festival





2014 - Al Khalediah European Arabian Horse Festival

2014 - United Arab Emirates Day in Warsaw's Służewiec


2014 - Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan Cup - Day of the UAE






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AHCII (Arabian Horse Culture International Institute - then also known as PIKJ) was a sponsor and strategic partner of the festival.

AHCII Arabian Horse Culture International Institute brought to the festival a group of our partners, artistic luxury producers, who presented astonishing exhibitions.

Director of the Michałów Stud, Jerzy Białobok -  The crystal cups were sponsored by Huta Julia from Piechowice – a sponsor of the Polish Institute of Equestrian Culture.

The fanfares of Janów have not yet died down and we have not had time to start missing the show atmosphere, when another opportunity came up to admire the success of Polish horses. A triumph of Michałów Arabians, excellent organization, beautiful weather and a set of celebrated guests, this can be the only appropriate summary of the international show of the Al Khalediah European Arabian Horse Festival held in Poland for the first time and organized by the stud Polska AKF in Nowe Wrońska. The entire set up was at top level, with His Royal Highness Khaled Bin Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, owner of AKF, among the attendees. The Festival was held under the honorary patronage of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development and was hosted by the owner himself, His Royal Highness Khaled Bin Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud.

The Polska AKF stud was established as a branch of the famous Saudi Al Khaledila Stud. The show in Nowe Wrońska was organized in reference to the world reputed festival organized by the Al Khalediah stud near Riyadh. Polska AKF was founded in a unique location. It is situated on lands once owned by Antoni Jarowski, father of Ignacy Jaworski. Ignacy Jaworski was born in 1924 and became famous as the founder and director of the Michałów Stud. 

All set – an organizational début at the highest level.

This was the first time that the Polska AKF stud was organizing such a large scale event. The début may certainly be considered successful and we hope that it will be the starting point for further events in the future. The show was run like a Swiss watch. The weather was no doubt a great help as the sun never left Nowe Wrońska for a moment. Novelties which drew attention abounded. The Polska AKF Stud has become a forerunner of new ideas to make the show even more attractive. The perimeter boards around the ring were lit up with names of sponsors, one of the partners advertized at the show being the Polish Institute of Equestrian Culture and our new project, the portal – The avenue of sponsors was particularly interesting for the spectators as they could take a closer look at the advertised products. The presented companies included PIKJ partners such as Mendyka, Rad – Pol, Delphia, and Huta Julia.

The VIP tent was very attractive and elegant. For all those admirers of Arabian horses who were unable to participate in the show Świat Koni prepared an on-line broadcast. This time it went on the air smoothly, without major disruptions. The number of horses on show was also highly satisfactory. As many as 95 horses competed, among them horses from Poland, Germany and Qatar. Prizes for the winners included four Mercedes cars, two each of Class A and CLA, as well as Swiss watches, while the prize money in the Al Khalediah race on Sundary was PLN 52 500. 


The crystal cups given to the winners during the prize giving ceremonies were sponsored by Huta Julia from Piechowice – a sponsor of the Polish Institute of Equestrian Culture. The 4 – 6 year old mares class was sponsored by another PIKJ sponsor, the DKK Law Firm. The 2-year old colts’ class on the other hand was sponsored by the Polish Institute of Equestrian Culture itself. Prizes were given by the President of PIKJ accompanied by persons associated with our Institute. Another aspect worth mentioning was the beautiful music arranged by Artur Telakowiec. The Ground Jury members included Christina Wale (Sweden), Titti Gagliani (Italy), Claudia Darius (Germany) and Scott Benjamin (Canada). The show will certainly go down in the history of the Michałów Stud. The Michałów Arabians had no equals. They also triumphed in the Championships and swept up three Mercedes cars for Michałów!

The first Mercedes for Michałów – just a warm up!

The show was opened by attractive yearling fillies. 9 contestants were presented in the A yearling fillies class. The first place was taken by AJ Sayeda (Vervaldee – Sweet Caroline LL/Legacy of Fame), bred and owned by the Ajman Stud. AJ Sayeda scored 92.17 points including one „20” for movement. Mounira J (Emerald J – Magnificent Lady J/Extreme) owned by the Al Muawd Stud (Saudi Arabia) and bred by Mrs Christine Jamar of Belgium came second. The third place was given to the filly AJ Barari (Vervaldee – La Bella Versace FR/Versace) from Ajman. 

Group B saw a rivalry between 11 fillies, with those sired by Kahil Al Shaqab leading the way. The first on the podium was the Michałów bred and owned Pustynia Kahila (Kahil Al Shaqab – Pustynna Malwa/Ekstern) scoring as many three „20s” for type and one „20” for movement, which, coupled with other high scores, added up to a total of 94.00 points. The filly was quite spectacular. The runner up was her stable mate Parmania (Kahil Al Shaqab - Parmana  / Al Maraam), and the second runner up was Prometida (Kahil Al Shaqab - Panonia / Eukaliptus) from Janów. 

8 contestants were entered for the two-year-old fillies class. The winner, Janów bred Anawera (Piaff – Altamira/Ekstern), scored 91.67 points. The second place was given to Angelina (Elmaran – Antalia Bay DD/El Amin) bred and owned by Mr Wojciech Parczewski of the Best Arabians Stud, to be closely followed by another Janów filly, Atanda (Eden C - Atma / Ekstern).

In the three-year-old fillies class the victor was the first contestant from Ajman Stud -  Inspired Najla (Ajman Moniscione – Natalia/Narym). Mississipi J (QR Marc – Magnificent Lady J/Extreme) bred by Christine Jamar-Demeersseman and owned by Jadem Arabians came second with one „20” for the head and neck. The third place was given to El Fada (Ekstern  - El Fatha  / Entyk) from Janów.

Junior Fillies Championship

The Championship was judged by the entire Ground Jury. The first to enter the ring were the winning fillies in the individual classes, followed by the runners up. The music, which additionally emphasized the dynamic movements of the fillies, was particularly appreciated. The judges chose the Champion from among the fillies who won their classes. After a moment of suspense we knew the winner. The bronze medal was given to AJ Sayeda, the silver to Mounira J. The winner of the gold medal was the Michałów filly Pustynia Kahila, who, as we remember, won the bronze medal in Janów. Thus the first Mercedes drove off to Michałów!

Unequaled Morion

In a relatively large class of yearling colts (13 contestants) the Michałów colt Morion (Kahil Al Shaqab - Mesalina / Ekstern), gold medalist from Janów and Białka, distinguished himself from the outset. The result was therefore quite obvious. Morion cofirmed his high class by scoring 93.83 points including two „20s” for type and one for head and neck, which immediately placed the star of Michałów first. The second position was taken by Lord El Shawan (FA El Shawan – Lady Serenada/Ekstern) bred by private breeders Mr and Mrs Małgorzata and Józef Pietrzak. Pitawal (Kahil Al Shaqab - Pepita / Ekstern), bred and owned by SK Janów Podlaski, came third.


The two-year-old colts class was considerably smaller with only 6 colts. The winner of this class was Eurogrant OZ (Ajman Moniscione – Ekspiacja/Emigrant) bred by Ofer Meiri & Yitzhak Dror owned jointly by SO Białka and O. Meiri, Y. Dror. The second place was a success for a private breeder, the Chrcynno Pałac Stud, as the runner up was Psyche Ull (Forteynas Magic – Psyche Victoria/Ekstern). The second runner up was another privately bred colt, Agordat (Echo Ofira - Altara / Gazal Al Shaqab), bred and owned by Mr Janusz Ryżkowski. The class was sponsored by the Polish Institute of Equestrian Culture, PIKJ.

Only four competitors were entered in the 3-year-old colts class, which was won by Cefir (Eryks - Celina / Metropolis NA) bred by SO Białka and owned by Małopolska Hodowla Roślin. The second place on the podium was given to Gajman PS (Ajman Moniscione - Gracja-Bis / Monogramm) bred by Przemysław Sawicki and owned by the Al Safinat Stud.

Junior Colts Championship.

The final outcome of the Junior Colts Championship could be easily predicted and was a surprise to no one. All three places were awarded by a unanimous verdict of the Judges. Morion of Michałów was once again unequaled. He won the well deserved gold and the accompanying keys to another Mercedes for Michałów! The silver medal was awarded to Lord El Shawan, the apex of the breeding effort of Mr and Mrs Józef and Małgorzata Pietrzak. Gajman PS was the bronze medalist. The lap of honour was proudly led by Morion. 

Bronze, silver and gold in the same hands

In this class the Michałów mares clearly had the wind in their sales. As a result the first place went to Zigi – Zana (QR Marc - Zagrobla / Monogramm), owned and bred by SK Michałów. The mare scored 93.17 points including two „20s” for movement and one for type. Another Michałów mare, Emandilla (Om El Shahmaan - Espadrilla / Monogramm) came second. The third place went to Echo Aurory (Eternity Ibn Navarrone-D - Echo Afrodyta / Piaff) bred and owned by Chrcynno Pałac. The sponsor of the 4-6 year old mares class was the DKK Law Firm, a partner of PIKJ. The mares’ prize giving ceremony ended the first day of the Festival.


The second day of the AKF festival started with a presentation of 7 years old and older mares. The class was divided into two groups with very strong competition including real stars. Like in Janów, this class was the most exciting. The winner of class A was the Michałów bred and owned Wilda (Gazal Al Shaqab - Wilga / Ekstern). She won the judges hearts without any doubt as they gave her three „20s” for type and movement and two for head and neck, which gave a total score of 94.33 points! The next places were given to mares from the same stable, the Chrcynno Pałac Stud. As such the runner up was Psyche Victoria (Ekstern - Pallas-Atena / Ecaho) with high stores for movement (19.50; 2x 20), and the second runner up Chaos Persefona (Poganin - Ceres / Ganges). 

Psyche Victoria

The class B winner was the 20-year old Georgia (Monogramm - Gizela / Palas) from SK Michałów. As befitting a Polish National Senior Mares Champion, she left her rivals far behind and won the class with a score of 94.50 including 3 x „20” for type and movement and high notes for the head and neck: 3 x „19.5”. In fact Georgia’s was the highest score of the show! The second place also went to a Michałów mare, Palmira (Monogramm  - Palestra / Penitent), with 3 x „20” for movement and 2 x „20” for type. The third place was awarded to Panarea by Palawan (WH Justice - Palawan / Padrons Ghibli) bred by Michele Boscarino and owned by the Ajman Stud. 


Senior Mares Championship

Full of admiration for the majestic, dignified mares everyone awaited the judges’ verdict with pleasure. After a moment of expectation the results were announced. All three places on the podium were awarded to Michałów mares! The gold went to Wilda, which meant that the mare won the third Mercedes for Michałów. The silver medal was given to the magnificent Georgia and the bronze to Zigi – Zana. The horses were decorated by the former Ambassador of Poland to Saudi Arabia, Mr Krzysztof Płomiński.


The last set of keys finds an owner

Finally stallions entered the ring, the charismatic Equator (QR Marc - Ekliptyka / Ekstern) from Michałów among them. He was visibly impressed by the music and won the class scoring 3 x „20” for type and movement. The second place was awarded to Juwel OS (WH Justice - Swana / Kubinec) bred and owned by Gestüt Osterhof. The third was Eternal (FS Bengali - Ewitacja / Ganges) bred and owned by Mr Jan Głowacki. 


Like the previous class, the senior stallions class, 7 years old and older, had 7 contestants. The first on the podium was the grey Kabsztad (Poganin - Kwestura / Monogramm) from Michałów with three „20s” for movement and high scores for type. Palatino (Pesal - Palmeta / Ecaho) from Janów Podlaski came second and the third place was awarded to Hypnotic Ibn Eternity-D (Eternity Ibn Navarrone-D - WH Marissa Rose / Magnum), bred by Dion Arabians and owned by Detrimmo NV.


Hypnotic Ibn Eternity-D

The Senior Stallions Championship once again demonstrated the magnificent form of Michałów horses. The result could not be different. The gold medal was unanimously awarded to Equator, who also won the Championship in Janów just a week before. This could only mean one thing – the last set of keys to a Mercedes joined the previous ones already won by the Michałów Stud. The silver medal was awarded to Juwel OS from Germany and the bronze to Kabsztad from Janów. The horses were decorated by the Charge’ d’Affaires of the Argentine Embassy in Poland, Her Excellency Patricia Beatriz Salas.


The final event of the Festival was a 1600 m race with PLN 52 500 of prize money. The winner was Aziz, bred and owned by Zbigniew Górski, trained by Małgorzata Łojek and ridden by jockey Martin Srnec.

Thus the first International Polska AKF Festival came to an end. It must be admitted that the organizers set themselves very high goals indeed. And although the beautiful music selected by Artur Telakowiec still rings in our ears and we can almost see the proud Arabian beauties presenting themselves, we are already impatient for the next year’s show!

Our heartiest congratulations and words of appreciation to Mr Jerzy Białobok, Director of the Michałów Stud, for the excellent results of Michałów Arabians!

Jolanta Gębka 


Photo Gallery by Marta Baranowska

Psyche Victoria

Chaos Persefona

Psyche Victoria

Psyche Victoria

Psyche Victoria

Psyche Victoria

Psyche Victoria



Zigi - Zana

Panarea by Palawan

Marwa Al Nasser



Echo Aurora


Good Boy




Georgia i Palmira

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